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Monday, February 10, 2014

Guess Who's Back?

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Stress (99 Problems)

This is your Blogmaster The Hustleman, AKA James W.D., AKA Shai hitting you all off with a quick post for this week. Sorry, haven’t been inspired to write lately. Not sure why… well that’s not true. This has been a looong week for me. Business was slow, old customers checking in which was cool, a few of them I haven’t seen in awhile. Even a couple others I haven’t seen in years.

One of my ex-girls has her share of drama going on, which kind of becomes my drama because I do care about her so I try to have her back. But then I realize I may just be more of an interference than a help. So I decided to step off and let her do her, feel me? Makes me feel like shit for trying to care.

I have haters in my face constantly, most of them smiling and trying to chat it up with me, but I can see something behind their fake ass grin. I guess they’re thinking, “Damn, is he ever gonna fall off?” My response would be, “No!”

I mean damn! I collect haters (it let’s me know I’m making progress), but work with me ya’ll. Hate me from a distance. I hate snakes. But it’s cool, I can keep a close eye on you all.

My plans for the M2 project are completely off track. A little frustrating but I can’t let that stop me from pushing forward. Gotta keep it moving, always.

I have females in my ear all wanting something. Time, attention, probably some dick but I can’t give it to them, sorry. Unless you’re helping me to build my empire do what I want the haters to do… keep your distance. Is it just me or do I always seem to run into selfish females? Yeah I Hustle, but things do get rough from time to time. Are you REALLY going to be there when that happens? That Fam, is the million dollar question. Because when things get rough for you, best accept the fact I’ll be there. I’m all about giving and receiving, but if you’re just taking then you can take yourself somewhere else. Kick rocks.

I have cops scoping me with hard-on’s; they want to fuck me. Why? Because I’m not in line with their system? Eh… whatever. You got killers, rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers and all that shit going on but yet you want to fuck with me. My boy Tee calls me Osama. I feel like a wanted man and I haven’t done anything to anybody.

People I know are getting knocked (locked up) left and right. The Game they’re in put a serious strain on them so they made some dumb mistakes.

Everyone around me seems broke (even a few Hustlers I know) so they’re coming to me for hand-outs. But where were you all when I needed one (not talking about you Mz. Mental)? The only stand up dudes I know are New York and the god, the rest of you all are on some bullshit. Where’s the integrity? How are you all playing the Game? Get right! For real.

My personal life is lacking, not complaining though, I made it that way. But it’s getting old. On top of that my sex life is sub-par.

I’m surrounded by people but yet I feel alone. One of my mentors, Zar, told me about this. I see what he’s talking about now.

And you know what Fam? The great truth and the reality behind it all is that I’m responsible for all of this. It’s the reality I made and it’s stressful. Somewhere in all of this I got off track so it’s time to put things back in order.

Don’t misread me. I’m a very blessed person, but everything is just not in line with the ultimate purpose for my life at the moment. And hey, things could be much worse.

So I’m counting my blessings and preparing to make some adjustments in my life and of course you all will be along for the ride Fam. Until next week, stay up!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Rant From Your Hustleman: Relationships etc.

Peace Fam! How goes it? Your Hustleman is doing well and sitting up at 4am with some things on his mind so he decided to ink out these thoughts for you. Lately, for some reason, I’ve been ending up in conversations about Black Man and Black Woman relationships. Now I’m no expert on the subject but I damn sure can speak from a Black Man’s perspective.

When I was at Uptown Comedy Club, here in downtown Atlanta, listening to comedian Teddy Carpenter he brought up a few good points which I passed on to my favorite Lady who was there with me at the time.

One of the better points he brought up was that no man wants his girlfriend or wife in girlfriend or wife “mode” ALL the time. A man needs a good friend, someone not always trying to check him and watch and try to control his every move. A woman who when the car is broke down and you’re under the hood, she’s right there with you looking under the hood. When you see a big ass walking by you can say, “Damn baby. Look! Doesn’t that woman have a big ass?” and her reply is, “Yeah, she does have a big ass!”

Yeah they were jokes but you could see the light bulbs come on over the Ladies heads that were present. Most of the men were is total agreement. And this brings me to my realization or introspection if you will.

For a large part of my adult life I’ve struggled with maintaining a relationship with a woman. Most of the time, to be quite honest, I just lost interest. Once the interest was gone my mind and emotions were gone with it. The results of course were arguments, petty fights and squabbles because things had changed. Some things you can’t hide (not that I ever tried to).

When I was younger I went through all that “I’m a player” bullshit. Trying to fuck any and everything that opened its legs, just because I could. Once I got grown I realized I was wasting ALOT of time (and money I didn’t have). I mean seriously, what does pussy really do to advance your life? Sure you feel like you accomplished something (and in a way you did especially if it was hard to get), you can brag and boast to your boys about who you fucked and what you did to her but other than that what did you gain?

Once I got around True Hustlers I saw that most of them had very strict guidelines when it came to dealing with women. Simply put: Money over pussy, all the time.

Their logic was that by taking care of yourself and your home first the pussy would come to you; and even then it had to wait until after the business was taking care of. After all, what woman wants a man that’s not at least trying to better himself? She’ll lose interest eventually. No man or woman in their right mind wants to be with a bum. We can all do bad by ourselves, right?

On the other end are my natural desires as a man. I mean I love my Black Women; in all shapes, sizes and hues. As long as they look good with what they got, they’ll catch my attention. But once the conversation starts I look for intellect. Simple minded women turn me off; I gives a damn how good you look! Anyway, back on point…

So in searching for a woman I look for a friend. I mean a real friend. Someone who’s not always nagging. Someone who will let me watch a football game in peace or even watch it with me. Someone who knows damn sure that when a big ass walks by I’m going to turn my head and take a look. I respect you’re there Babygirl; I’m peeking, not staring.

My point is, I’m a man, let me be a man. If something I do bothers you then bring it to my attention in a way a friend would, not with all the attitude. Talk to me, don’t bitch at me.

No, you can’t have all my time and attention, I’ll give you as much as I can but there’s other things in my life that need my time and attention also.

Cook every once in awhile and make the food with love. Do it because you want to. Hell, I’ll even buy everything you need to hook it up.

Don’t be scared of the dick! You should suck it without me having to ask because you won’t have to ask me to return the favor.

Just because I missed your phone call doesn’t mean I’m out with another woman. I mean sometimes I do fall asleep, I work hard. And if we don’t live together, you’re not going to see me everyday. I’ll reach for you Babygirl when the business is taken care of.

Can we just chill out and enjoy each others company without having to go over every single detail of what I’m thinking about and why?

Yes, I do look at life different, especially relationships with other people. My thoughts and the way I do things come from another era. An era where directness in your communication counted for something. If you can’t meet me halfway or are willing to compromise on a few points, then we really don’t need to be together. I know you have a “wall” up around your heart because you don’t want to be hurt (and I do too). But don’t expect me to jump through hoops to prove my worth, feel me?

I overstand (stand over not under) that you may not be used to men like myself but damn, ride with it for a little while and see if this is for you.

When I look back at the majority of my relationships I realized that I lost interest in them because what I was looking for wasn’t there. It was there in the beginning, but when we put those “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” titles on, things changed. I lost my friend somewhere in that transition. Now I’m stuck with a whining, complaining, nagging, “Why can’t you read my mind?”, emotional wreck. Who wants to be around that all the time?

My reaction? “You’re stressing me baby, I need a little room to breath!”

Let me back up a bit. I’m not categorizing ALL my sisters out there, just SOME of the ones I’ve run across.

Alright, thanks for reading that. Like I said, I just had to get that off my mind. I’m always up for feedback, so if my female readers wish to add their perspective then leave a comment and holla at me. I would love to hear them.

Be good Fam, until next week. For those that celebrate on Monday, enjoy yourself. Do it big!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reachin' And Living Lovely

Welcome Fam, this is your Blogmaster AKA The Hustleman coming at you from the sunny cityscapes of Atlanta, Georgia. I’m going to keep this post short because basically I’m just enjoying life at the moment. Yeah, there’s a lot going on in the life of your favorite Hustler (now that I think about it, when is something NOT going on with me lol?) which I’ll start getting into next week. But for these last couple of weeks I’ve been taking it easy on the work tip and have been just enjoying life.

Sometimes I be on my Grind so hard I forget to enjoy the fruits of my labors (sometimes I can be a stubborn work-a-holic). I think most of us do. We get trapped in that robotic way of living. Wake up, work, sleep, take care of your family and fit a little time in for yourself when you FIND the time... wash, rinse, repeat. And in searching for that "me-time" we usually come up short. Either we don’t find it, or it’s so little time it flies by before you can blink. Then it’s back to the boring routine all over again. What kind of life is that? Damn, can I live?

So the rule goes: Don’t complain, change it!

Now me, myself, took a mini-vacation and have been out and about. The weather’s been lovely for the most part so I’ve been stepping out fresh and hitting the town.

Atlanta is an interesting city. Not as interesting as say, New York, but none the less summer and spring time is where it’s at! There’s always something going on. Whatever your tastes and whatever lane you run in, you can find something your speed.

I’m not much of a club person (although I do like the strip clubs), so I find other things to get into. Plus the club scene is a little crazy out here lately. People getting shot up and what not, so the best way to avoid a bullet is not to be there, feel me? About 3 weeks ago two young Black men got shot in the back of the head by the police of all people. They weren’t armed and posed no threat. What the fuck is up with these cops out here? They’re shooting at anything… even an 80 year old woman about 2 months ago… moving on…

So your Hustleman grabbed his favorite young Lady and has been doing it big. Dining at “Glady’s Knight Chicken and Waffles”, running through the Sweet Auburn Fest (a Black celebration) downtown.

Hitting up the sushi bar at Atlantic Station, which is for all you Ballers (big spenders) out there. Atlantic Station is built like its own little village; livable lofts and studio apartments on top of all the shops and restaurants. It’s has a cool vibe and a laid back atmosphere, imagine about 8 square blocks with a parking deck underneath and its own movie theatre and grocery store. I highly recommend it if you come out here for a visit.

I’ve also been jettin’ through the south side, the south west side and all through Clayton County getting my eat on. Trying new food dishes and desserts (within reason) just because that’s what I want to do.

I took in a couple of movies instead of checking out the bootleg copy. I’ve kicked it with my fellow Hustlers on their blocks just to politic with them and share life stories.

I took a stop at the Uptown Comedy Club, in downtown, to watch Teddy Carpenter who was headlining and that brother did his thing. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Check for him on BET’s Comic View and “Puff Daddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy”. He’s a genius in my opinion, almost up there with Katt Williams… almost.

I’ve been burning up $3.00 a gallon gas, but fuck it. I’ve been spending over my usual budget, but fuck it. That’s why I Grind (work) right? And everything feels damn good!

No clock to punch (yes, Hustler’s do “punch a clock” – we create our own work schedule’s), no whining from the customers and the workers, well I kept it to a minimum anyway; just laying cool in chill mode. Moving how I want to when I want to.

So enjoy the week ahead Fam because for me, mini-vacation is over and it’s time to get back on The Grind. But I’m well rested, laced with energy and ready to get back into doing what I do.

And despite everything that surrounds you Fam, please remember to take a moment out for yourself every once in awhile or you just might lose yourself, feel me? Peace!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tales From The Block: The Unwritten Rule

Peace to the Fam! It’s your one and only Hustleman back again to let you know what’s going on in a world that’s just beneath the world you live in. Some coined it The Underworld. There are many different layers in it but its all done in plain sight but out of view to those that don’t know what to look for.

It’s funny because America itself was built on criminal activities (Does The Wild West ring any bells? How about the early 1900’s?) and by using loop holes in the system that they devised (and this is still going on today). Now when you or I use these same techniques and means of acquiring wealth we’re looked at as a shameful unproductive member of society.

So here I am in the grocery store looking at rows and rows of Lottery tickets and people in line trying to “Play the Numbers”. Then I look back at history when we were doing the same thing using the stock market totals. We were locked up and shut down. Now in modern times this is all legal. Go figure…

I’m not advocating illegal activity; I’m just making a point. Some people want their hand in everything, and if they can’t do it, it’s wrong. They shut it down, flip it and bring it back so it’s legal… same Game just with different rules. They get the money now, you don’t get shit.

One rule of the Game that has never changed is INTEGRITY. I’m talking about being a man or woman of your word at all times. Some people get it, some don’t and those that don’t never quite get what they want. Maybe a quick fix, but nothing that will last.

In a world where everything is temporary we should be making every effort to have things last as long as possible, especially our relationship with people. After all, no matter what you do or how you do it, other people will be involved in it one way or another.

Now, if you’ve been reading my Blog you know that my Hustling partner is named New York. We eat of these streets, meaning we hold no job; we live off what our businesses produce.

New York is well known, loved and hated at the same time. He’s put many people in “The Game” and when things are good they all smile and laugh. When things get rough they run to New York for help or a hand out. When things completely fall apart for them, well… let me explain.

Fat boy, as New York calls him, was one of the dude’s New York schooled in the ways of Hustling. I’ve met and chatted with Fat Boy on plenty of occasions. Can’t say I really liked him all that much but he respected what I do so I returned that respect. Once New York and I became cool, I accepted him as one of New York’s people. Don’t get it twisted, I never took Fat Boy as a friend and I never kicked it with him. Certain people I just don’t vibe with, feel me? Moving on…

So Fat Boy is a family man, he has a Baby Mama and 2 young children. They lived together in College Park, GA on section 8. And Fat Boy also turned out to be a Part-Time Hustler. Know what I mean? Fat Boy would only Hustle when he needed to and sometimes not even then. He also held no job so it was only a matter of time before the shit would hit the fan.

New York receives a call on his cell phone at around 9am one morning. No big deal, New York is an early person; he’s sitting at his kitchen table drinking coffee at this point in his day. On the other end of the line is Fat Boy crying out for help. Seems he has just been evicted from his apartment so now he, his Baby Mama and 2 kids have no place to go.

He wanted New York to come swing by in his truck and pick up everything he possibly could off the lawn; all his furniture and belongings. New York lives alone, so I guess he didn’t feel there would be an issue if Fat Boy stored his things over at New York’s place.

New York, being the kind of person that he is, agreed and rushed over. What did he see outside the apartment? A couple Fulton County Sheriff cars which of course would draw unwanted attention to himself. He honked the horn at Fat Boy and kept on driving. Fat Boy was confused and a little pissed off so he called New York on his cell phone. New York told Fat Boy that despite his situation, he couldn’t help him with his belongings while the cops were there. There was a personal reason also which escapes me as I write this, sorry Fam…

New York called up Fat Boy’s cousin and told him to help his little cousin out. His cousin already knew the deal and felt the same as New York. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU LOSE A SECTION 8 APARTMENT?

Rent is what? At the most $100.00 a month (more likely under $50.00), plus gas and electric for a whopping grand total of say… $200.00, probably less. New York and Fat Boy’s cousin were both confused and a little pissed. How can you call yourself a Hustler but can’t pay $200.00 a month in bills? Shit, you can make that in one day plus some.

Once the furniture situation was taken care of, the next request from Fat Boy to New York was to let him, his Baby Mama and 2 kids stay with him for a couple of days. New York thought this had to be a joke! Once he found out it wasn’t, he agreed to a compromise. Fat Boy could stay a couple nights with New York but not his family.

The next day was work day. I was already at the spot and finally New York showed up with Fat Boy riding shotgun. Fat Boy was playing “worker” that day, helping New York sell products on commission so he could have a little change in his pocket.

That’s a rule: When one of your people goes down; you have to help them get back on their feet.

That night things went normal at New York’s place. New York woke up in the AM, left his apartment, went to get his coffee, stopped to buy some scratch off Lottery tickets and put his Lotto numbers in for the day. He then met up to see one of his Ladies for a moment and headed back home to get ready for work. He went into his apartment and what did he find? Or better said, what did he NOT find?

Missing was a fresh quarter bag of weed on his kitchen table. Plus more that was stashed in his spare bedroom. He went into his room and found some other items missing. None of the big stuff was taken. The computer was still there, both his televisions and all his music equipment. Two plus two equals four, so New York called up Fat Boy on his cell phone because he was nowhere to be found.

Fat Boy’s defense was he didn’t know about any of that. Maybe somebody broke in after he left. New York knew better, if someone wanted some serious money they would have taken the big ticket items, not the little stuff you can quickly sell off on the street.

Rest of the story short, Fat Boy bit the hand that was feeding him and so now he’s starving, feel me? Integrity is rarer than diamonds, especially on the streets, which is why I limit my interactions with a lot of people.

I have trust issues no doubt, but it’s because of reasons just like the story above. One moment you’re helping someone and the next, that someone is helping themselves by taking from you (or using you). The unwritten rules we Hustlers live by are very simple and are in place for a reason. But in the end, only the True’s live and work by them. Me personally, I never deal with people without intergrity. See you next week Fam, have a fabulous one. Much love!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Hustleman Introspection: The Rose And Sybolisms

Peace and blessings Fam! I’m amazed at how time is flying past us. I looked up and Bam! It was May already. I don’t know about you but my year has been pretty good so far. A few bumps here and there but hey, what’s life without those? It makes you appreciate the good times even more.

So after my encounter with Robocop it’s back to business as usual. I’ve been taking it a little bit easy over the last couple weeks. I’ve also been hell of irritable. Just a lot of things on my mind and a lot of things on other people minds that find their way to me. After hearing so much negativity it does begin to weigh on you after awhile. It’s all good though, it just comes with the lifestyle I chose. I just consider it Boss training; skills I’ll need in the future, feel me? Your Hustleman stays on point regardless.

On a more serious note, it’s getting REAL out here in America Fam! Have you heard what happened in Philadelphia? Welfare has been significantly cut down. Damn near cut off completely. Families are living in tents out there! Take it from me, this is just a small sign of things to come.

They’re slowly working to cut down welfare here in Georgia also. It’s going to get to the point of either you have it, or you don’t. No more middle-class… then again that’s already happening to an extent now isn’t it?

In this weeks post we're going to get off the "street" stories for a moment and briefly cover symbolisms. I like to get deep every once in awhile so walk with me for a few minutes if you would.

There are symbols all around us and many of us have no clue that they are there and what they signify. Take the Exxon (the gasoline company) logo for instance. The two X’s in the name are crossed in such a way as to make a double cross. For those that don’t know, the double cross is a religious symbol.

Take “Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital”, familiar with that one? There are two paths in Freemasonry also called rites; both take you to 33 degrees (which coincidently is 1 degree above freezing if you’re counting temperature by the “F” not the “C”). One of these rites (paths of advancement) is called the Scottish rite. I’ll let you put the rest together.

Have you ever seen a dome? Of course you have, it’s considered one of the strongest structures. In ancient times a dome represented a woman’s breast; a symbol of fertility.

How about a Sheriff’s star (Sheriff as in law enforcement)? Sheriff badges usually use a circle surrounded by 6 points. In effect this is a 6 pointed star which strangely enough, has many religious meanings. One of which being the symbol of a man. Top point is the head, the two side points are the arms, the two lower points are the legs and the final bottom point in the middle represents the penis. By the way, the upright 5-pointed star (not the upside-down one) represents the woman; top point head, two points for the arms, two for the legs and the womb is represented by the center of the two bottom points.

So what does all this have to do with anything? Just letting you know to stop taking things on face value. There are symbols all around us and people place these symbols there for a reason. If you don’t know, then you just don’t know. And they’re not going to tell you either, at least with my people (that’s another subject).

To quote The Capt.: “Question everything, that’s where the truth resides!”

Anyway… on to the symbol I would like to cover in this post; the rose. We all know the basics: A red rose symbolizes love, white for peace, pink for passion, and yellow for friendship. But did you know that the rose, as an ancient symbol (pre-organized religion), had an entirely different meaning? Let’s look at that for a moment.

The stem of a rose is covered in thorns. The stem represents the journey of life. The thorns themselves symbolize struggle, hardship and sacrifice.

As we go through life we travel up the stem of the rose facing all the hardships until we finally make it to the flower portion of the rose; where the beauty resides.

Simply said, if you can survive and push past all the struggle and strife, your life will be one of beauty. Like a rose opening up in the sunlight.

Many people never get to see the beauty their life can become. They never make it past the thorns. They figure hardship after hardship is just what life is about; there can’t be anything else. They mistakenly stay stagnant and never move forward (or up the stem) to arrive at the beauty. I hope this isn’t you!

No matter how bleak and hard things seem, just keep it moving. As long as you can keep enduring you will eventually push past all the bullshit and arrive at a place of love and peace. There’s more to it of course, but that’s the just of it.

I just wanted to pass along a little inspiration to my blog Fam because I know it’s seems hard out here and it also seems like it’s not getting any better. Keep your head up though; keep it moving and keep it simple, always. Be good all and remember the rose.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Caught Red Handed (Or Just Hated On)...? PART 2

So here I am cuffed and sitting on the ground while this off duty brother playing Robocop calls in favors on HIS cell phone. His mission? To try to have someone come and lock me up. This dude was serious. He wanted to make an example out of me without a doubt.

The Reverend I was supposed to meet and the reason I was up at this spot in the first place finally showed up. As he came around my car I saw the expression of disbelief on his face. By this time Robocop was walking back to us from getting his haircut.

The Rev introduced himself and talked (very carefully) to the Fulton County officer and subtly pleaded for my release. Also carefully pointing out that the officer was off duty.

“You’re police 24/7.” Was Robocop’s response. The Rev figured out what I already knew. Best to leave this situation alone.

The Rev looked down directed his conversation towards me, “James, if you need anything just call me. I’ll come bail you out.” The Reverend pulled out a couple of credit cards. “Me and my wife will be in town for a few more hours if you need me just call.”

I thanked the Rev and he left. Robocop looked confused.

“The Reverend wants to help you out?” Robocop asked with a grin over his face.

‘I’m a good dude,” I responded “I take care of my people.”

“You take car of them with what?”

“I do a lot of things.” Was all the words I cared to say.

Another 15 minutes past… still no squad car. It appeared that Fulton County was very busy with “Priority Calls” and my situation was far from priority. Robocop got back on HIS cell phone and made phone calls DIRECTLY to dispatch. The Marta officer and I were looking at each other like “This is some bullshit.” He knew it as well as I did.

So there I sat, I saw my customers drive by in their cars. Some of them waved. My boys in the nearby barber shop came by and asked if I needed them to make a call for me. I told them everything was good. I wasn’t sure what kind of help I would need but I’m glad I had options.

Mz Nici Nicole (my homegirl and book editor) drove by and saw the situation. She called my ex-girlfriend Mz Mental and let her know what was going down (appreciate that girl!).

New York pulled into the parking lot. I didn’t see him but he sent his Lady over and had her tell me that if I needed her help to call her. I nodded because I knew what she meant.

Robocop’s face was twisted. “In all my 6 years on the force I never seen anyone offer help to someone I had in handcuffs. Never! They usually stay away from me.” He laughed. “I guess you can’t be all that bad.”

My reply, “I’m a good dude.”

Robocop began to rant about how he locked up many dope boys (drug dealers) and how everyone was scared of him. Blah, blah, blah…

So there I sat on the ground, cuffed and leaning against my bumper listening to the rhetoric of Robocop when Mz Mo, a fellow Hustler and friend, pulled up with her son and daughter. She sized up the situation when she saw me.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked.

“No I’m good sweetheart.” I said.

“If you need me just call me.”

I thanked her and Robocop looked around in shock.

“That’s another person! And she has kids!”

What difference the kids made I didn’t know but I smirked. He continued, “If another person comes up here and asks if you need help I’m going to pass out. I don’t know what you do but it must be good.”

“I told you, I take care of my people.” I said and began to try to get comfortable. The ground was getting cold as the temperature began to drop.

Another half hour past and my shoulder began to throb from sitting in the cuffed position for so long. And all this time I’m still listening to stories from Robocop. I could tell even the Marta officer was getting tired oh hearing that shit.

More people came by asking if I needed them to make a phone call for me. By this time Robocop was blown away.

Are you familiar with the saying, “The Lord works in mysterious ways?” well I’m proof that it does. Check this out.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when one of the shop owners who Robocop knows and respects came by. She’s an older lady from the islands who’s a sweetheart that I just adore. If I was a few years older I’d holla at her… anyway… I saw her shaking her head as she walked up to us. I felt her anguish, it practically radiated off of her. She looked down at me and I gave her a slow nod. She tuned to Robocop and asked to speak with him alone.

They took a couple of steps away from me and the Marta cop, so I could barely make out what she said. I could tell she was pleading with him on my behalf though. I looked at her face and she the verge of tears. That not only shocked me, it threw Robocop for a loop!

As she walked off he turned to the Marta officer and said, “I respect her so much. She knows me! She’s usually like, ‘Lock them up!’ but not for him.” He looked down at me and back at the Marta officer, “Did you see her? She was damn near in tears!”

The Marta officer gave me a hidden thumbs up and a nod. I nodded back on the low.

Robocop continued, “I mean I respect that woman. I trust what she says. I believe her! And if she says he’s a good person then…” Robocop threw up his hands. He could no longer deny my reputation.

The people that I show so much love to came by to show love to me. It was in his face. I made a silent prayer of gratitude to the Most High. It was like divine intervention; Robocop’s cold heart was turned warm and sympathetic. He went from looking down on me to helping me back to my feet and having the Marta officer take my cuffs off.

I sat on the bumper of my car and stretched my shoulder which was sore at this point. And oddly enough, it was then a Fulton County Supervisor FINALLY pulled up. This whole situation had been going on for almost two hours now.

The funny part is that now Robocop was fighting for MY freedom. He didn’t want them to take me to jail, instead I ended up with a citation and a court date.

I followed Robocop into the store where the shop manger was to thank her. I shook Robocop’s hand, got in my car and put on some Aaliyah to change my mood. I was going to get gone before he changed his mind, feel me? The time was just about 7pm.

On my way out the parking lot I saw Mz Bee’s car out the corner of my eye. My eyes popped open wide as she pulled up beside me.

“You’re still here? I thought you were getting you’re hair done?” I asked with surprise in my voice.

“Yeah I didn’t know what to do or what was going to happen to you. But I was watching.” I saw stress in her eyes but what she did was some real woman shit. She was holding me down all that time and I didn’t even know.

“Well come on,” I said, “We need to get out of this parking lot.”

“I know. I’m following you.” We pulled off and drove to a nearby park so I could tell her what went down.

I called everyone who showed me love to thank them for looking out for a Hustler. I was truly appreciative.

I went to get some food since I was hungry and damn near dehydrated. I Called up New York and filled him in on the situation and took my ass home. It was an interesting day, no doubt.

My court date is in early May so it will interesting to see what happens then.

All of this reminds me of a story about one of my teachers. He was once approached with an investment opportunity. It involved real estate and it was one that could have made him a good piece of pocket change. He looked carefully at the man who presented this investment plan to him and said, “When I invest, I invest in people.”

It seems that now, more then ever, that statement sticks with me.

I counted my blessings and gave thanks. I know this story probably sounds like a bunch of bullshit but it’s a true story. Thanks for reading. Much love Fam!


Mz Nici Nicole (Quick thinking on your part. Whatever you need, you know I got you! And hey, what’s up with that banana pudding cake?)

Mz Mental (I know that situation stressed you out but I know you were ready to do what needed to be done. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.)

Mz Bee (You were like the hidden witness, watching everything just in case anything funny went down. That was some real shit.)

Mz Mo (Where you came from that day I don’t know, but just knowing you were there to hold me down if I needed you says enough. I got you for whatever you need.)

Reverend M. (Big thanks to you and your wife. Same is same, may the Most High bless you and yours. And don’t feel bad, it was my choice to meet you up there that day, I take responsibility for that.)

New York (What’s good! I know you don’t read my blog, but if you ever see this just know you’re a man of your word at all times. Much respect to you and your Lady.)

And finally Ms J. (It was your sincere words that finally got those cuffs off. I don’t know what you said, but just know that you have a hidden team of people who are now looking out for you. Thanks again sister.)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Caught Red Handed (Or Just Hated On)...? PART 1

So I woke up on a Monday morning. I wasn’t my usual self, in fact I felt a little under the weather. I don’t know what’s going on exactly but a few weeks ago Georgia weather had flipped from spring hot to winter cold. Hell, we even had snow flurries; just goes to show the weather is really out of sync.

Since I Hustle outside I think all that temperature changing had finally begun to catch up with me. But the day had to go on plus my cell phone was ringing off the hook. I dragged myself out the bed, I looked at the clock and it was about 2:18pm.

I got dressed and called my homegirl Mz Bee. I was supposed to meet with her and help her get a new cell phone by letting have one of my old ones for a trade in.

I met up with her near the Discount Mall off of Old National Highway (Old Nat). No luck there so we agreed just to get something to eat because she had a hair appointment at 5pm. It was about 4:15pm already and I had agreed earlier to meet with one of my customers at my Hustling spot. This particular customer is a Reverend of a church in Columbus, Georgia. He’s also in the car dealership Game so it’s always good to meet with him and build (share knowledge) about that.

I pull up to the Hustling spot with Mz Bee following me. I parked, and like a bee to honey people began to surround my car. You have to overstand I’ve been Hustling in this particular area for about 5 years so I’m well known. I always get the usual, “What’s going on?” and “Hey Shah (or James)!”

Now, I’m not giving excuses but since I was already feeling a little on the sickly side I was also unfocused. I didn’t do my regular parking lot check to see who was who and what was what. All good though because I wasn’t really doing anything but having conversation.

I mention being unfocused because if I was focused I would have seen the infamous black Mustang which belongs to one of Fulton Counties police officers.

One of my long time customers had walked up to me in the midst of a crowd of around 5 or 6 people now. She had a complaint about one of the products I sold her, so I popped the trunk to put the defective merchandise inside. I told her not to worry about it I’m a business man and she knew I would replace it.

It was at that point a young lady asked me to borrow a cigarette, as I had my back turned the officer from the infamous black Mustang walked up on me. He forcefully made himself known. I turned around and immediately recognized his face.

The words “Shit it’s HIM!” flashed through my mind. This particular officer is what we call a Robocop on the streets. He plays his Game hard and loves to dick with people who he feels are a “menace” to Fulton County (his word not mine). I’m no menace but hey, he saw an opportunity to get me so he took it. I can’t knock that… although I want to.

“What are doing?” Robocop asked.

“Damn!” I thought to myself, what could I say? My mind began to race to get my mouth piece to come up with something slick. Not smart mouthed, but slick. What came out though was the simple truth.

“Waiting on somebody.” I said looking at him in his eyes.

“And what’s this you have in your trunk?”

I bypassed his question and replied, “I’m not soliciting I just came up here to meet someone.”

He smirked and responded, “I was minding my own business getting my hair cut and I look out the window at what do I see? A whole bunch of people around your car… and I just saw a lady walk off with something.”

I looked up and all those people he was referring to had slowly disappeared. I stood there alone, face to face with this Blackman in uniform. I looked down at him and said, “She didn’t walk off with anything. She just brought me something. I’m not doing anything I just came up here to meet someone.”

He smirked harder, “Well, when we go to court, it’s my word against yours.”

I calculated that at this point it’s best just to shut up. Robocop had a hard-on for your Hustleman and was ready to fuck me regardless of the situation. I wasn’t nervous, scared or any of that. I knew if things went to the worst possible scenario (getting locked down) all I had to do was make a phone call to my Hustling partner New York.

If anything, there wasn’t much Robocop could do. He was off-duty but still in uniform. I knew he was going to make it a point to get me while he had me just because that’s the kind of cop he is. Sure enough he began to radio in to have a unit come get me. It was going down ya’ll but your Hustleman remained calm.

He had me sit down on the ground. I leaned up against my bumper and waited to see what was next.

Another officer walked up out of nowhere. I looked at his uniform and this wasn’t a Fulton County officer at all, but instead a Marta officer. Marta, by the way, is the name of the public transportation here in the ATL. Some are ex-police officers but most are trained specifically to guard and police the bus and railway system.

This Marta cop was off-duty too. Listen Fam, there were so many ways out of this situation I laughed to myself but I kept quite.

“I’m going to cuff you, stand up.” said Robocop in his authoritative tone. Then he thought a moment and had the Marta officer cuff me instead. Good move on his part, he was playing his Game tight. He was one step ahead of me. He was doing things by the book which is good for him because I was making a mental file of every slip up he made that violated my rights.

I was cuffed and asked to sit back on the ground and I complied.

So there I sat on the cold asphalt and my mind began to race to all the worst possible things you can think about in a situation like this. Robocop was talking mad shit to the Marta cop. Everything about how he does his job so well, the officers in his precinct that are “real” cops and how he wants to be on their level some day. Blah, blah, blah…

Robocop turned to the Marta officer and said, “Hey, can you watch him a minute? I was in the process of getting a haircut and that’s when I saw this guy (pointing to me). I couldn’t even finish my haircut. I’m going to get it finished, I’ll be back.”

About 15 minutes had passed and no squad car had showed up yet. The tension in the air was ridiculously thick. My mind raced, I had no idea what to expect and what would happen from moment to moment.

It was few days later when I learned that New York had a verbal confrontation with this officer earlier that day. It seems he was looking for someone to fuck with and that someone appeared to be me. Wrong place, wrong time? Didn’t matter, the events were unfolding fast.

So… was your Hustleman locked down? Does the Millionaire run of one of the slickest Hustlers on the Southwest side of Atlanta come to a horrific end? Tune in next week Fam, until then Peace and Blessings!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

All Good Just A Week Ago...

What’s up Blog Fam? Whoa! This week has been CRAZY for your Hustleman for real! I’m talking up, downs, surprises around every corner and I even had a run in with the law, that’s right, the Police. Had to happen sooner or later, right? LOL

Over all I’ve been feeling great. Despite the out of the ordinary temperature changes going on in the “A” (Atlanta), I’ve been feeling damn good, my energy is up and my focus is as sharp as ever. I’m enjoying every moment. What else is a Hustler to do? We live our life by moments.

So here I sit at nearly 6am inking this post for you all. Eh… couldn’t sleep so why not get some things off my mind.

Your Hustleman is currently at a phase in his life where he’s striving to maintain a balance. You know, between work, interpersonal relationships, setting things up for the future and what-not. But He has to admit that at times He feels like the only love in His life is the Hustle; the Game that never stops and is always around you. The Game that always gives back what you put into it and the end result is a satisfying sense of freedom and personal growth. The money’s pretty damn good too.

But as much as I strive for balance it seems that I just can’t get that relationship aspect of my life running smoothly. I’m beginning to think maybe it’s just me… nah! LOL On the real though, here’s what went down recently.

Things on the dating scene have did a total 180 on me. Mz Lonnie and I have fallen out it appears and sadly it started over some bullshit. It’s something that could have very easily been worked out but when emotions get involved it does have a subtle way of changing things.

Now, anyone that knows me knows I Grind hard. Not only do I Hustle on these streets but I also write books, researching things for future projects, write this blog, do meetings for things dealing with future projects, help out when needed (I am a man of the people – If you only knew), I’m a part time counselor to my close associates and friends, I also date, go out and generally just enjoy life. So as a result a brother does get burnt out. It just goes with the territory.

In between these things I always made time for Mz Lonnie to the best of my ability. Problem was I would get on her comfortable king size bed and find myself asleep. She called me on this and I had to humble out because that’s just not fair… we’re supposed to be spending quality time and your Hustleman is putting Z’s in the air like a kindergarten teacher, feel me?

I decided that maybe I needed to slow down a bit and just take it easy for a couple of weeks. Do very little writing; Hustle just enough to meet my daily quote and catch up on my rest and let my small circle of friends and associates deal with their own problems for awhile. That part was easy.

Without going into too much detail let’s just say your Hustleman wasn’t giving 100%... with only so much energy how could I? But hey, I did give what I could. The results of course were not that spectacular. With all this going, the signals got flipped between Mz Lonnie and me.

I’m a communicator plain and simple, so we talked about it and agreed we would work on things. But from a woman’s perspective I can see how some of this could be taken as a lack of attraction and interest.

Truth is, that wasn’t the case at all but it did put a wedge in between us. The end result was predictable. Just like a garden, if you don’t take care of it and put time into it, it’s going to die. So we had to admit to each other that the connection between us just wasn’t there.

A heated debate killed what was left. I thought we were on the same page, I was wrong. Funny thing is, it was all good just a week ago.

With due respects to Mz Lonnie I enjoyed our time together and there’s no hard feelings.

Coming off of the god’s comment on my last post I’ve come to realize a sad reality. Well actually I’ve realized it awhile ago but it’s so much clearer now.

The older you get, the harder it is to date. We are just less willing to compromise on certain things and everyone is afraid to let their guard down totally. At my age (31) you’re just tired of being disappointed and hurt. Let’s not mention wasting time.

In light of all of this there is wisdom. Knowing when things aren’t going to work out and knowing when you’re putting more into the relationship than your partner. I think the majority of us just want to be treated how we treat others. Am I wrong here Fam?

So here your Hustleman sits in introspection; time to make some adjustments inside myself, take a deep breath and go back after what I want. I’m NOT stopping until I get it. But I’m not going to settle for just anything either.

Some people give the advice (adding vice?), “Stop looking and it will come to you.” But I have to quote the scripture on this one:

“Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.” Or something similar to that. I’m a go getter, I refuse to just sit back totally, feel me?

Tune in next week for a heads up on what went down in my confrontation with the Police. It was interesting to say the least. Much love Fam! Enjoy your week ahead… I’m out.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Hustler's Perspective: Street Wisdom And Hustler Axioms

Peace Fam. It’s your Blogmaster once again with a slight departure from my normal subject matter for this week. Before we get into it let me give some brief updates of what’s going on in the cipher (circle) of yours truly.

Business is well and to be honest I may hit a new monetary plateau this year if things continue going the way they are. I’m Grinding hard so I’m living proof that the saying, “Effort always pays off” is right and exact.

My Hustle partner New York is well… New York. He’s still spending money on the lotto which, for those who don’t know, is at least a hundred dollars a day; I’m glad he’s got it like that though, if I ever need a loan I know where to go, feel me?

He’s been dealing with some wife issues; married for 15 years and separated for a nice chunk of that. He’s been a little down but hey, he’s a Hustler and nothing really stops on the business end of things.

Me, never being married, can’t relate but I do sympathize. You never really stop caring for people you love.

My current millionaire projects are still in the planning stages except for the M1 and M2 which are being worked on as fast as possible. The website, (the M1 project), will be undergoing some changes within the next 2 or 3 months as I expand the subject matter I write about.

On the dating and relationship aspect of things, well… not so good. Mz Lonnie… hmm I guess I’ll have to tell you all what went down with that next week. It’s too much to fit into this post. Dating… for those of you going through it, I don’t have to say much, you know how it can be LOL.

All in all your Hustleman is focused, feeling fantastic and still doing his thing. I hope all of you are doing the same. Now on with the post…

By now you should know (and if you don’t I’m telling you now) that the streets have their own rules; their own codes of law and conduct. From this comes wisdom, usually passed along by the “Old Heads”, the shot callers or O.G.’s as they’re called if you’re over on the left coast.

One of the reasons a lot of younger brothers and sisters are so buck wild now is because over time all the “Old Heads” have either died, been killed or locked up so the younger generation never got that wisdom handed down to them (and add in that fathers aren’t in the home like they used to be, but that’s another subject). Sure, if they survive long enough they’ll eventually learn these lessons on their own, but for the most part they were never grounded in it.

Some of this street wisdom is straight bullshit but a lot of it offers an interesting perspective for dealing with problems and situation that occur in street life and even in an everyday working person’s life.

So without anymore delay I present you with some interesting axioms that I’ve picked up over the years from various sources. These are just SOME of the unwritten rules your Hustleman lives by from day to day. I don’t present them to change your thinking but rather to let you see things from a different perspective; a Hustler’s perspective.

> If you don’t know or even if you do, don’t tell (the only way to keep a secret is to not say anything).

> A sharp tongue cuts your own throat.

> If you make $10.00, put up $6.00 and live off the rest (this isn’t meant to be literal. It’s just a reminder that it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep).

> When there’s smoke there’s fire. You can conceal fire but you can’t hide smoke.

> Pressure busts pipes (this is how you defeat an enemy, you apply alot of pressure).

> To break a chain, always pull on the weakest link.

> If you’re not the dealer, don’t show your hand first.

> If you serve two masters, you have to lie to one.

> Under promise and over deliver.

> Listen closely and talk less because if someone’s talking alot they are probably lying alot.

> The Heavenly Father gave you 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth which means you should watch and listen twice as much as you speak.

> Think before you speak and before you spend your money.

> For every Jesus there must be a Judas (a powerful or well liked person always has someone that may betray them).

> You don’t have to chase a fox. If you put all the chickens in one bunch the fox will come to you.

> You lose the bait when you catch the fish (when you gain something, you lose something else).

> Some defeats are really victories and vice versa.

> It takes way to many blows to hit a nail in the dark (if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll never get there).

> If you know you’re surrounded by snakes, cut the grass so you can see them.

> You are never as strong as you think you are. Neither is anyone else.

> Patience, patience, patience… (everything will come in it’s own time)

> If you must go through hell to get to heaven, make sure you run very fast.

> If you pay well, you are served well.

> Prior proper planning prevents poor performance (I believe this is an old military saying)

> In a storm, pray to God but still swim to shore (God helps those that help themselves).

> The helping hand you’re looking for is at the end of your own arm.

> Everybody wants to eat but nobody wants to cook (people want the reward without putting in the work to get it).

> No one notices when the floors clean, but everyone notices it when it’s dirty.

> If you only Hustle for yourself, in the end, you will only have yourself.

> There are two sides to every coin (every situation has more than one way to look at it).

> If you win, everyone wants to be your friend. If you lose only your true friends will remain.

> People are more likely to take the easiest route and it’s usually the wrong choice.

> Don’t make an enemy if you don’t have to.

> What’s coming in the future is paid for in the present.

> When you reach one goal get on with the next one (always keep it moving).

> Big problems are smaller when you are looking at them from a distance.

> Praise and criticism are temporary just as victories and defeats are temporary.

> Dogs bite and claw so if you fight with one expect just that.

> If you don’t know what to do with your life, there’s someone (or something) out there that does.

> Have your cake and eat it too. Cake is made to be eaten.

> Eventually, no one wants to feed a greedy man (or woman).

> Don’t loan money to a fool you can’t afford to lose. That way if you don’t get it back you won’t be upset.

> If you’re going to sit at the table, then bring something to the table.

> A man isn’t a man if he doesn’t take care of home first.

> If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything (one of my favorite 2 Pac quotes).

Be good Fam! Make this upcoming week all it can be, much love!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Real Game, Real talk #3: Profit VS. Payout - Creating Something With Nothing

Alright Fam here we go again. This is your Hustleman coming back at you from the streets of Atlanta, Georgia also known as the ATL and also know as the Dirty South. Spring is in full swing and I’m loving it! Without further delay let’s get to it.

Not to long ago I was pushed, so to speak, to stop beating around the bush and really break down Hustling. So I created this new series of posts entitled, “Real Game, Real Talk” to do just that.

If you missed the second post of this series then please CLICK HERE.

I am often posed a question similar to this: “I want to start my own business but I don’t know where to get the money. Should I get a bank loan?”

My answer to this is usually “No.” but it depends on the type of business you are starting. Now some of you are saying, “Wait just a minute Hustleman, how the hell do I start a business with no capital?” My answer is simple, yes you need capital to start a business but if you start smaller you won’t need as much. Let me explain.

Since I started as a street Hustler I’ve seen hundreds of dollars turn into a small fortune. I have done this myself so I know it’s very possible. As a Hustler, we don’t like to owe anyone anything. There’s no feeling quite like making some money only to have to hand it over to someone else. It takes longer to see your profit and the more money you’re paying out, the more difficult it is to grow your business.

It’s like that old adage, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in business terms; which comes first, looking good (professional) or making a profit?”

If your business isn’t about profit then all well and good, but if it is then shouldn’t that be top priority? That’s all I’m saying.

Most business loans require a nice amount of limitations and ridiculous interest rates, especially if you’re not sitting on some serious assets (real estate, inheritances, etc) and don’t have a nice stack of money in that particular bank. You want a $250,000 loan? Well do you have assets plus about $30,000 to $50,000 in the bank? I know I don’t. I’m exaggerating a little but follow me on this. The way we (Hustlers) see it, why ask someone else for permission to do what you want to do? Let’s get a little deeper shall we?

Let’s say you want to open a restaurant. Most people immediately formulate the idea of finding a location to lease or purchase, figuring out the cost of renting or buying the necessary equipment, then you need a marketing budget, employees (even if you use family members they still need to be paid to keep things as legal as possible for the IRS), you need tables, licenses, a business phone line (probably 2 or 3), printing, insurance etc. And it’s always a good idea to keep a lawyer somewhere close.

This all adds up very quickly. Most of your first 5 years in business (if you last that long), will be going to repaying your loan and advertising to get more money to… repay your loan and maintain your business.

All of this and somewhere in there you have to plan for growth. Anything that doesn’t grow eventually dies. That’s how nature works and that’s how business works also. Is it any wonder that most businesses fail within the first year, and the rest somewhere within the next 4 years?

So you may be thinking to yourself, what about getting a government grant? That’s a noble idea and one well worth pursuing IF and I stress IF you qualify; and IF you are eligible. I’m not saying don’t go this route (its well worth the effort), but if you or someone you know has ever attempted to get a government grant then you know what I’m talking about here. Don’t believe all that hype on those late night infomercials, it takes serious research and a solid business plan.

Now, what about investors? Good question, but this is similar to getting a bank loan. Again you need a solid business plan and make no mistake, investors want to see a return on their investment. Depending on your business model this may be the best route to go if you are sure you can deliver on time and are good at managing people. Investors are usually quite active in keeping tabs on what your business is doing. You’re accountable so that’s something you are going to have to deal with.

So let’s look at the Hustler’s way. I’m not saying it’s the best way because it does have its drawbacks, but you maintain one thing… complete control (at least until your business grows to the level you want it).

Are you still with me? If so let me further illustrate my point.

Example: How would I, a Hustler, start a restaurant?

Well to be honest I wouldn’t start a restaurant. I would make food out of the house and make it a point to make up some flyers and business cards to deliver to office buildings, construction sites and other businesses around the area. Think of it as a small food delivery service, not quite catering.

Another way to flip it would be to hitch or buy a unit to put on the back of a truck or van to keep the food hot and pay to stay in someone’s parking lot or at a busy corner downtown.

Of course I would keep it all legal with the proper zoning, licenses and permits… eventually. Meaning, when my business grew to the point enough to be “noticed”. That’s just what I would do, don’t take that and run with it LOL. Moving on…

I would start selling food and/or desserts right where I’m at NOW. Hustlers make moves, fuck the waiting. If I had a job, that’s where I would start selling. It’s also a good place for feedback on the taste, prices etc. All of this is free; you are only paying in time.

Instead of a few thousand or hundred thousand dollars to start, I could probably start for about $500. If I needed a vehicle to make the deliveries I would probably tack on another $5,000- $8,000 for a decent used van, truck or something (maybe just $1,000 if you could find one at a public car auction). I would put the menu together and be ready to change it on the fly to appeal to the customers wants and needs.

That’s just the start. I would then bust my ass to build clientele and slowly expand using profits. And using this method, you’ll see profits much faster than you would if you took out a loan. Are you with me so far?

Now here’s the good thing. As long as my customer service and food is up to par, I could eventually begin to save money. With this saved money I could then get everything I needed; the building, equipment and everything else.

Here’s the good part. I would ALREADY HAVE CUSTOMERS if I open up in the right location! That means I’ll be making money in my “official restaurant” from day one instead of dumping large sums of money in marketing. I would still market of course and probably still make deliveries if possible.

Here’s the bad part, this method would take some time to work but in the end I wouldn’t owe anybody anything. I pay my bills, count the cash and keep control of the direction and course of my business.

If I then decided to open up another location, THEN and only THEN would I go look for investors or go to the bank. What can they say then? I already have a profitable business, it doesn’t look like a liability or a “high risk” loan on their books. They know I have the skills to run a profitable business; I’ve shown and proven it.

If I structured everything correctly, I would already have a built in assets. No need to put up the house and spend the kids college funds.

See the difference?

Many of us have been taught to do business backwards. Meaning we want to look the part before we actually have the money to walk the walk. We Hustlers work the other way. We walk the walk first and worry about looking good later. We start small and get big, not start big and use up our most important asset, money.

This is real business Game here. I’ve seen it done and I’ve done it and am continuing to do it. It works, bottom line. Simple.

Peace and blessings Fam and please remember if you’re not happy right now it’s only because things are not happening (happy-ning) your way. So change that or stop complaining. Keep it moving and keep it simple… always.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Creepin' AKA Cheatin' AKA The Relationship Felony

What’s good Fam? I’m feeling fabulous and I’m just coming off of a very dynamic week. Let me tell you this, if you’re not getting what you want out of life, then make some new choices. That’s what’s up.

The weather here in the ATL has been great; it truly feels like spring… I take that back, this weekend felt more like summer for real. It’s beautiful to wake up and see near clear blue skies and feel the rays of the sun when you step out the door. It feels great to be outside on the block chopping it up with my people and making money in the process, no doubt.

Now, if I could just get over this damn pollen… Georgia has so many trees letting off so much pollen it gets off into your throat and eyes and it’s extremely irritating if you have allergies.

For those who read last weeks post about me being indecisive between two young ladies I figured it was time to give you all a quick update on the situation. But first let’s take care of the business…

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Alright, back on point… After weighing the situation out between both Mz Tam and Mz Lonnie I looked at things from the perspective of what I want and what’s best for the long term. Mz Lonnie is all of that hands down. She’s intelligent, takes care of business, she’s a good mother from what I’ve seen and also just a joy to be around. She’s also beautiful and possesses quite the Badunka Dunk; the kind that would bust out of some Apple Bottom Jeans if you’re following me. I like my asses big, what can I say?

Mz Tam didn’t take the news so well. I had a face to face conversation with her about my decision and at first she said she really didn’t care but as we continued to talk she didn’t overstand (stand over not under) why I didn’t want her.

Tam has some bullshit around her and I just can’t have that in my cipher (circle). I don’t think she really saw my perspective which is cool, she doesn’t have too; just as long as she respects it.

Decision made. I’ve locked it down with Mz Lonnie and have no regrets in my choice. Mz Tam has made it a point not to keep in contact with me which is what it is. When you gain one thing, you lose something else.

My moment of indecisiveness does bring up something that one of my homeboys is currently going thru. He’s a younger dude, about 22 and is actually a neighbor of mine. His girl is a friend of my EX, Mz Mental, so we became cool through them. Now my boy Cee is a good dude. He works hard, takes care of home (he paid all the bills for months when his girl wasn’t working and took care of her daughter too), and generally stays on top of his business.

Me and Cee used to chat from time to time but since I’m hardly ever home there was a little distance put between us. Mz Mental, my EX, came at me one day with that big-eyed look on her face.

“Guess what happened to your boy?”

“Who?” I asked.

“Your boy got caught up!” She responded and then she proceeded to tell me the whole story.

Long story short… Cee has an EX girlfriend that he was creeping with over the weekends. He would tell his girl that he was over his mother’s house when he would really be over his EX’s. To make matters worse, he wouldn’t just go see his EX, he would spend the night. How he got away with that for so long I couldn’t tell you, I never asked. Listen Fam, I’ve had some relationship misdemeanors in my lifetime but that’s just a relationship felony as my homeboy J would call it, you feel me?

Anyway, the EX got in contact with his current girl and they talked on the phone and eventually met face to face. Oh boy… bad business. Mz Mental was there through it all so I had a first had account of what went down next. Two hurt black women, it was on and poppin’ to say the least.

Cee’s EX and his girl teamed up to confront my boy face to face. Sort of a surprise tactic, they wanted to catch him off guard. Now damn… why did my boy have to be home that night? They both rode up, went into the house, marched upstairs and busted through the bedroom door where Cee was sleeping. I could just imagine the look on his face!

Mz Mental took current girl’s daughter into her room across the hallway while the two ladies just verbally let loose on Cee. Where he fucked up though was 1) He wasn’t saying anything and wasn’t answering any questions (then again what can you really say?), 2) When his EX was pissed off enough to just leave, he wouldn’t let her. He kept closing the bedroom door on her. This of course infuriated his current girl! Can you blame her? Ahh… decisions, decisions.

His current girl decided to stay with him after all of this and Cee was grateful, he planned to drive in the right lane. But… (you saw that but coming didn’t you?) when his EX contacted him and told him that despite all the hurt he’s put her through she still loved him, my boy got seriously confused.

You know your Hustleman is a man of the people, I don’t pry into peoples business but if you bring it to me I’ll definitely listen. One day while he was over my house he decided to speak on the situation.

“I don’t know man… I’m confused.” Cee said with his head down. I immediately knew where he was coming from. I responded with a question to make sure I knew where he was at with this.

“You’re feeling them both aren’t you?”

Cee shook his head, “It’s like I see qualities I like in my girl and I see qualities I like in my EX.” He put his head down again to contemplate for a moment and then continued. “I don’t know man, it’s like I’m still feelin’ my ex-girl because we have history. I mean we practically grew up together. We never were in a relationship into we got older but really I guess she’s more my type.”

“You know man,” I said overstanding his confusion, “Life is about choices. You have to make a decision. The thing is with that, because of the situation that went down, when you make a decision you are going to have to leave the other one alone completely. You have to dead that shit. If you don’t, then you’ll lose them both.”

Cee nodded in agreement. “It’s just hard man…”

I went on, “I feel you brother but you’re still young and I don’t know what you’re looking for out of your life right now. If you want to lock it down with someone on some marriage type level then you need to be with the one that can offer that. Think in the long term. If you’re just fuckin’ right now then just do that. Find some girl you can do that with and leave them both alone. They’re hurting right now.”

I continued, “Regardless of your decision if you continue in a relationship with either of them it’s going to be hard. Once that trust is gone, you can’t get it back. They’ll always have that doubt in the back of their mind. I’ve been through that shit with my first fiancé, its stress on the real; you’re going to be under a microscope.”

We continued to talk for a few minutes and then let it go. We all live and learn and Cee needs to make his own mistakes.

Over the next couple of weeks things between Cee and his current girl were cool. But… (yes, another but) then Cee pulled another relationship felony out of the bag. Seems he took some clothes, took some condoms and was gone for over a day in a half. He wouldn’t answer his cell phone and never called home. It was simple to know what he was up to. It’s like he wanted to be caught, I mean he knew damn well that every condom in that house was accounted for. Women keep tabs on things like that.

He could have done it differently, but then again he made no effort to hide it. He has balls though, he came right back home when his current girl was there. He didn’t wait until she was at work or nothing. Can you say DRAMA? Ahh… decisions, decisions… and now it’s on his current girl to decide what she’s going to do. To be honest I think it’s going to remain business as usual. At least until she finds someone to replace him.

Eh… I could be wrong but time will tell now won’t it?

Peace and blessings Fam. May your upcoming week be filled with joy and success.

Be sure to tune in next week when I get back into the business talk with an eye-opening look at how a Hustler builds a business with next to nothing. See you then.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Greetings Fam! I know it’s been awhile but just know your Hustleman is back at you. These last couple of weeks have been off the hook! There’s so much to catch you all up on it’s almost overwhelming, but to keep things simple (as I like to do), I’ll just cut to the chase and stick with the things that hit closest to home at the moment.

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Ahh, where to begin… well my main business is doing quite well; it continues to grow pretty much by itself. I’ll tell you Fam there’s no feeling quite like knowing that all your hard work and effort is paying off.

Also I’m in communication with a fellow Hustler who has a lot of experience and expertise to bring to the table. This young lady is already doing her thing as far as running seminars and doing a couple other businesses. If things go as planned, she and I will put a book together. This book will be much less “street” and more accessible to the public at large. I’ll let you know how that turns out; as of right now everything is still up in the air. Busy, busy, busy LOL. I’m not complaining mind you, I’m loving this shit.

The M2 project, my car dealership, is still rolling out although I’ve fallen a little behind schedule. I’ll be making an effort to pick up the pace a little so that by the summer of 2008 I should have that business profitable and locked down. There’s still so much to learn about the business and just know, I’m in it to win – to quote the rapper Jay-Z, “I will not lose”. I hope you feel me on that.

On a more personal note, dating has become much more complex and not only is it taking up a lot of my time, I also find myself torn between how to correctly divide up that time. I mean really Fam, it’s easy to balance my work and my social life but it’s really beginning to take a toll on me mentally; dealing with various personalities on a more intimate level is not that easy.

Sadly though, the young lady I grew closest too and was feeling the most is no longer at my side. Mz Chanel and I have decided not to go any further. She couldn’t deal with my current living situation. For those that don’t know, I still live with my ex-girlfriend. I know what you’re thinking LOL, you don’t have to say it.

I had to put some space in-between Mz Chanel and myself and try to look at our relationship from the outside; you know, take my emotions out of the picture. Sadly as much as I was feeling this woman I realized that there would be no peace between us as long as she refused to accept my situation. Which is her choice, I’m not knockin’ that.

I invited Mz Chanel over MANY, MANY times to come meet my ex and to see the situation first hand. Let’s be real, my living situation is far from normal and I could have been feeding her a line of bullshit from the start.

I accept that keeping things real is always the best policy so I told her don’t believe what I’m telling you, come see for yourself with your own eyes. No go though, she wouldn’t budge; she refused to come over the house, she refused to meet my ex and she refused to even overstand (stand over not under) why I choose to stay in my situation for the time being. Eh… what can I do? I hold nothing against her but in the end I figured it like this: If she cares anything about me, she would want to meet the people that I care about, follow me? These people are a part of my life and who doesn’t want to overstand their potential mate and that person’s life better?

I think any woman in their right mind would jump at the chance to see if what I’m saying is true. I know if the situation was reversed I would. As a matter of fact almost every woman I’ve dated had no problem coming through to check out the situation first hand and meet my ex. I’m not slow, I know there will always be a hint of doubt in the back of their minds but one thing they couldn’t say is that I lied or tried to hide something. Back on point…

Mz Chanel and I ended things off on a positive note. I genuinely cared about her and those feelings don’t go away over night. Plus she’s still good people and her two kids have a place in my heart. We talk almost everyday for a few minutes just to see how one another is doing and that’s about all. I’ll admit though, I do miss seeing her smile.

So I had to make a decision. Either I give all my time, attention and energy to my businesses or try to still be successful and have a meaningful relationship also. So you know me… the search for a good woman to put on my team continues. Only a mentally trapped person thinks either/or; a wise person realizes they can have both.

Although I have met a very interesting young lady recently that’s actually sparked my interest I’ve run into an unexpected dilemma… follow me on this if you would.

One of my homegirls who I’ll call Mz Tam called me up last weekend.

“Come over, I have to tell you about my night last night.”

“Really?” I asked, “What’s up, everything alright?” I could hear it in her tone. Normally Tam is what some folks would call a firecracker. High energy, always smiling always joking. But her tone was low energy, agitated, almost as if something happened that shook her up.

“Just come over, I just can’t be in the house right now, I just need to get away. Please just come get me.”

“Alright, no problem. Give me an hour, I need to shower and shave.”

I drove to her house knocked on the door. I was greeted by one of her daughters and looking up the stairs of her two-floor duplex I could see her at the top of the stairs, she waved and then disappeared. I made myself comfortable on the sofa as her two daughters watched some Barbie crap on the television.

After a few minutes Mz Tam came down the stairs and instead of being greeted by her usual smile I got a dry, “Hello”. She threw some things in her purse, grabbed her cell phone and said, “Let’s go.”

I begin to listen to her story about her adventures at an after hours club over in East Point. One of her cousins was in town and it was her last night there so they wanted to show her a good time. Her family frequented the club so they figured that was the best place to go.

According to Tam the club owner, who was drunk and acting like a dickhead, was basically fucking with her and her family the whole night. Subtle shit, like having someone take their drinks off the table and replacing it with glasses of water; having one of the bouncers telling them where they could and could not sit. There’s a lot more but I’m trying to keep this post as short as I can.

Fast forward… Mz Tam got a hotel room because she just wanted peace and quiet and needed to detox from all the alcohol and weed she smoked all night and all morning. We talked for a few minutes and she fell asleep. I left and picked up some food because I knew she would be hungry when she woke up.

Meanwhile, the young lady I’m currently getting to know, Mz Lonnie, is calling me. What am I supposed to say? I told the truth, I was with my homegirl Tam… in a hotel room… trying to listen to her and calm her down. Fortunately Lonnie overstood and just asked for me to keep her informed of the situation.

When Tam finally wakes up we eat and begin to talk. And I mean TALK, one of those deep conversations where you lose track of time. Now Fam, I’ve heard some of Tam’s stories before about her childhood and whatnot but this time she was letting everything out. I mean this girl was practically breaking down right infront of me. She was in tears as she reflected and told her tales.

Mz Lonnie called again. DAMN, lost track of time! I let her know I was still with Tam and I would get back at her ASAP. Long story short, I ended up spending the night at the hotel with Tam. This girl was shattered in pieces, it just didn’t seem right to leave her. I tried to build her up as best I could but sleep eventually took over.

Fast forward to Thursday night… I’m over Tam’s house and one of her friends from her hometown of Detroit in there with her husband. We sit and share some stories and they eventually leave. That’s when Tam dropped the bomb on me. It’s funny because I felt it coming, perhaps I even invited it to come. I mean I’m all about living in the moment (for the most part), but some things you can see coming and they can be avoided. That’s the thing though, I didn’t want to avoid this one.

It seems that our conversation at the hotel caused Tam to see me in a different light. This was true for me too, I felt much more connected to her. Not because she was crying her eyes out and I felt like I had to save her, but because she was so real with how she was feeling and how what she went through made her a stronger and much wiser person today.

We talked about how we felt and my eyes couldn’t help but notice her smooth chocolate legs and how short her shorts were she was wearing. I’m a man, what can I say? One thing led to another and the next thing I know I’m in the bathroom washing myself off in the sink. I sat with her for another hour and then made my way back home. Friday was around the corner and I knew I had to prepare myself for Friday grind. And add to that the fact that I also need to keep things clear between Mz Lonnie and myself.

Mz Lonnie is feeling your Hustleman, and without a doubt I’m feeling her too… but I’m not here to hurt anyone so I had to tell her the truth. That’s right; I told her what happened between me and Tam. Besides, I accept the fact that what goes around comes around, so why bullshit and be deceitful? Lying takes up too much time and energy I don’t have. I’m a man with integrity and principles; I won’t be anything less.

Mz Lonnie took the news like a real woman. She overstood the situation and realized my slight confusion; for the moment I’m torn and I need to make a decision. The things I get myself into…

Well I’ll wrap this up here Fam this post is way too long. Thank you all for being patient with me and as always I wish everyone much success and prosperity. Peace and blessings and I’ll be back at you as soon as possible. I’ll try not to stay away too long this time.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Birth Of The M2 Project: Enter The Bossman Low

Peace to the blog Fam! As you know, this is The Hustleman Chronicles dedicated to all things Hustle (business) related and then some. First off if you haven’t downloaded your FREE copy of “Wealth Programming and The Science of Getting Rich” AKA “The Little Book”, then don’t hesitate and get it now! CLICK HERE (make sure you come back though LOL)

This past week has been extremely busy for me, then again I’m always extremely busy... I’m juggling so many things I feel like an acrobat for real. There’s a new business in the pipeline (known as the M2 project – my SECOND step toward manifesting my first MILLION), a new love interest, I’m holding down my other 2 businesses, striving to stop smoking cigarettes once and for all and also making posts here on the blog so you can share my journey, the good and the bad.

*** WARNING!!! This is a very LONG post. But for good reason. ***

I was going to split this up into parts but I have never made a post of what it’s like to get into a new business so I know many of you out there would like to see how I learn and do what I do. There’s a lot of Game in here if you know what to look for and it also represents how much easier things can be if you can have someone to show you the ropes. I literally saved weeks of work and a few thousand dollars just by being introduced to the right person.

The new business venture is ahead of schedule but definitely on time.

Also this post is broken up into “Chapters” so you can stop and come back later if you need too.

There’s so much to catch you all up on but let’s cover the important stuff first. Let me introduce you to a new character in the world of your Hustleman; the Bossman Low. My Hustle partner New York has connections all over the place but he only does business with a few. He first introduced me to the Bossman Low a couple of months ago, they do alot of business together so it was only natural that we would meet sooner or later.

He’s a laid back African brother, but his accent isn’t all that prevalent. New York refers to him as the quarter million dollar man for good reason; he runs about 5 businesses, all legit. Low is an old school Hustler pure and simple. He plays by high standards of integrity and has his hands into a little bit of alot of bit.

I’ve seen Low from time to time and I always greeted him respectfully mainly because he was New York’s man. We never had what you would call a conversation but he always returned the respect. I did notice that this dude would pull up in a different vehicle almost every time he came through the block but I never asked any questions, it wasn’t my place. Important street rule: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT IF YOU DON’T KNOW! AND EVEN IF YOU DO KNOW, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! So Low never said anything and I never asked.

>>> Wednesday: February 14th – Opportunity Knocks

“Hey yo Shai!” New York said calling me by my street AKA, “Low’s going to the auction nigga! You should come.”

“Come where?” I asked

“Low goes to car auctions, he’s going this week coming up. You got some money stacked?”

“All the time. Low has a car dealer license?” I asked very intrigued now.

“Hell’s yeah! You didn’t see all those cars he comes up in? He gets those at auction nigga. We’re going Monday and’ll be back like Tuesday night. So… what’s up?”

I paused a moment. It’s funny how when you look for things they sometimes come to you. Let me explain… I currently have 5 Millionaire projects planned; one of which was used car buying and selling. It’s an easy Hustle from what I heard just as long as you know what you’re doing. This was the perfect opportunity for me to see how it’s done from the inside. This is the way I like to learn new things, although that doesn’t always happen when the opportunity comes I jump on it.

“Yeah I’ll go. Shit, how much money you need?” I asked

“Take about a stack (one thousand dollars) and you’ll be straight. Plus gas money you know in case you get somethin’.” New York said this with his not so subtle grin that always let’s me know he’s planning a move.

“A stack? That’s it?” Didn’t sound right to me but then again I knew little about the business. But going off of what I heard, you can get cars for literally pennies on the dollar. I continued.

“Shit nigga, no problem I got that. But that’s on your man though. He’s the one with the license.”

“Shai!” New York switched to his confident voice. “My face is as good as gold. If I tell him (Low) my man wants to come he’ll say yeah. Watch what I tell you.”

True to form, a man of his word; next time Low pulled up he asked him on the spot.

Low looked at me briefly with the kind of look that sized me up to see if the money matched (which it doesn’t, but I’m far from broke feel me?). In other words, was I a sucka part-timey Hustler looking for a free trip or was I serious? I didn’t flinch. Low’s been around enough to see how I take care of business so I wasn’t worried. He looked back at New York and was like “Yeah.” Enough said. Fast forward…

>>> Tuesday: February 20th – Up and Out

I’m up early. For anyone that knows me I’m NOT a morning person. Hell, I usually don’t go to bed until around 3,4 or 5 AM. The original plan was to go to an auction in Pennsylvania but Low switched it to a public auction in Darlington, South Carolina. The prices would be lower and less competition. Also this would be an easier place for me to learn the Game and get my feet wet, follow me? New York already had a little experience so he knew what to expect.

I got dressed and mentally prepared to be alert; to watch, listen and soak up Game. I met New York at his place and was just getting there as he was escorting one of his many females out the door. His latest catch was a younger sister who supposedly had been lesbian for about 8 years and was tired of the lifestyle. Of course New York was more than willing to help her make the transition back. What a caring gesture from such a nice dude.

We had a 4 hour plus drive to South Carolina. We were taking New York’s truck. The auction started at 6pm and we were almost running late. We picked up Low in Jonesboro and then we were on our way. We stopped, gassed up, grab some snacks and headed out. New York already tired from his morning activities wanted to sleep so I took the driver’s seat with him taking shot-gun, Low sat in the back.

Being already tired after about 3 hours I had to stop. Low took over at the wheel and New York continued to sleep.

It was about 4:30pm when we finally arrived. The weather was cool with a strong breeze but not too cold. It was overcast but I was amped, I was ready to pick Low’s brain about what to do and what not to do, but he had some business to take care of so he went straight to the office and New York and I began to check out the cars.

I was like a kid in a candy store. They had it all; trucks, economy sizes, luxuries, SUV’s, mid-sizes. Every make and model you could possibly think of. They even had tractors and golf carts.

The area was all dirt and went on for a good distance. Vehicles were scattered everywhere. All in all I probably counted about a hundred and fifty and it was still early.

New York and I hopped in and out of cars. They leave the keys in so you can start them up and even drive them if you want. Some cars were clean and in good shape, others were just plain garbage.

Outside of the gate a long line began to form with even more cars coming in to be auctioned off.

Now from a business stand point I was looking for good quality economy to mid-size cars, they move the fastest and are relatively cheap from what New York was telling me. The nicer more upscale vehicles represented a larger upfront investment but could actually be sold for more; more profit but would take more time to get off your hands.

Being as I’m just getting in the Game I focused my attention of cars I could quick flip. My dumb ass forgot though to write down the auction numbers written on the cars so I could remember which ones I thought were good quality. If I would have done this it would have been a hell of a lot easier to remember which cars to bid on and which ones to avoid. Ah well, lessoned learned, I’m never afraid to make mistakes. I’m a Hustler; I take calculated risks every single day.

Low finally came back and began his walk around looking at what was available. He was meticulous to say the least.

He looked over the body and the tires, popped the hood and checked out the engine. He then started up the car and tested all the gears to check the response of the transmission. He then would rev up the car to listen to the engine. Next he would check the lights, the radio and the windshield wipers.

He did all of this in a matter of one to two minutes. I could see him making mental notes so I asked him what he looked for. He spit some Game at me and I soaked it up.

Between all of this we lost track of New York. New York already has 3 cars so he wasn’t looking for something to flip as much as he was looking for a car to floss in. He also looked over some of the older vans for business purposes.

Whenever I look into a new business venture I look at the upside first and then the downside. EVERY business has a downside. I focus on the upside but I don’t ignore the downside, follow me? This is how a Hustler thinks. We always want to maximize our upside and minimize our downside. I immediately recognized the potential in buying and selling used cars. It has very little risk to be honest, IF you know what you’re doing.

The profit margins can be a little smaller than what I’m used to and it’s not quick money (at a beginner level) but it’s solid. You really can’t lose if you’re smart and keep your head on straight.

Still with me so far? Let’s continue…

>>> Auction Time: 6pm – Let the Games Begin

So here I am standing in a large gutted out warehouse. The crowd is there and being that it’s an auction open to the public I began to pick out the regular people and the professional car dealers (yes they were there too). It wasn’t hard.

The car dealers we much more relaxed and confident; you could tell they’ve done this before. An advantage of having car dealers there was that they would bid more carefully, I watched them as the auction went on to see at what price they would stop to get a feel of what I should be bidding on for certain years, makes and models. The dealers would never let the bid price get too far out of control.

There were 2 lanes through the warehouse where cars could drive in. They would come in from one side, stop infront of an auction booth to be auctioned off and then leave through the other side.

The middle area was clear for bidders to stand in as well as the outside of both lanes. Also on the outside of the lanes were the auctioneer booths set up with mic’s and speakers so the auctioneers could run their auctions. There were two on each side for a total of four.

I immediately realized that having four auctions going at the same time, although a way to speed up the whole process, also served to created confusion. They subtly forced you to bounce from booth to booth to see what car was where and if you didn’t pay attention, you could be bidding a lot higher than what you originally intended.

Game recognized Game here.

Also what comes into play is the case of the car title. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. This particular auction doesn’t mail them so if you want it, you have to go back and get it. You have to pay close attention at all times.

Low stood in front of New York and I and said in a low tone so not many others would hear, “Wait until later in the auction to start bidding, people will run out of money and the bids will be lower. You can catch something good that way.”

I didn’t look at this perspective so I’m glad the Bossman dropped that wisdom on me. This Game was about patience, I’m all for that.

The bidding began. The cars rolled in. Now, if you’ve ever been to an auction before (or seen one in a movie or on TV) you know that the auctioneers talk fast. I mean REALLY fast. Again, more confusion thrown in the mix to keep you off balance so you might make a mistake. Also they start high in price and if no one bids, they slowly work their way down. Low and New York put me on Game with this, so I watched to get the feel and rhythm of it.

The crowd was amped and the energy in the place was electric. Being that I’m used to being in unfamiliar territory I settled myself and blended in. I was watching and listening closely.

To get myself recognized by the auctioneers (and to let them think I was a possible dealer), I bid on a few cars and would stop long before the final bid was placed. I was very careful about this; I didn’t want to get stuck with some bullshit. You know your Hustleman, I jump in with both feet. Hesitation gets you no where.

Throwing out bids like this also allowed me to get comfortable with the whole bidding process which really is just a matter of shouting out numbers. But you have to make sure you’re shouting out the right numbers, feel me?

Keeping my budget in mind I came to the conclusion that I would have to eventually bid on a late 90 models, so that’s what I focused on. I ignored everything else. I’m focused at all times.

I began to really enjoy the vibe of the place. This was a place for Hustler’s plain and simple. If you’re smart you win and if you’re not, you lose. If you’re focused you win, if not you lose. If you have the balls to push ahead and the next person doesn’t, you win and if not, you lose.

>>> Play Time Is Over

So after about an hour I’m comfortable now, my confidence is building and I think I have a strong grasp as to proper bidding prices. New York is running around from action booth to auction booth doing what I was doing; seeing what things went for what price.

Low on the other hand was like a damn ninja; there one second, blink and then POOF! You don’t see him anymore. He actually left one time to get something to eat from one of the food vendors. This dude was serious! He was not rushing for any reason. He was walking around eating while the rest of the people were eagerly shouting out numbers trying to get a good deal.

I thought there were still some good deals moving so I decided not to wait too long and began to get serious with my bids. A car would pull up and if it fit my criteria I placed bids on it. When the price got beyond a certain point I stopped bidding.

I missed out on a 98 Cadillac Deville (I would have honestly kept that for myself – but I tried to keep my emotions out of the equation – I was here on business). I also missed out on a 98 Honda Accord – I got to the auction booth too late.

About an hour had past and the crowd was getting impatient, I could feel the tide changing. People felt as though they were going to miss out. At the same time though, they didn’t want to make any mistakes so I was ready to strike at any and every opportunity I could get. They were hesitating so I saw opportunity.

My time came pretty quick. A silver 94 Pontiac Bonneville pulled infront of one of the auction booths. A couple of dealers ran up to the car to check the mileage and lift the hood to look at the engine. I trailed behind.

This thing was clean! I mean no cracks on the body or in the interior. The fabric seats looked freshly shampooed and the tires were a little worn but in excellent condition.

The engine was clean and I could see new wires and a new battery – this car was obviously taken care of and fixed up just for the auction.

I listened to the engine and it seemed to run fairly quite – as much as I could hear with all the noise in the air anyway.

In all of that I forgot to check the mileage. Another mistake. Lesson learned though. The bid started at around $2,000. No bids came in. The auctioneer went down to $1,700 then $1,500 and so on until eventually he was at $550. One of the dealers called out $550.

“6 do I hear 6?” The auctioneer called out. I jumped in.

“6 hundred!” I yelled out loud enough to be heard.

The dealer didn’t hesitate, “6 twenty-five!”

“6 twenty-five, 6 twenty-five do I hear 6 fifty? 6 fifty?” The auctioneer went on.

I stalled for a moment faking lack of interest. Another bidder, obviously a dealer, chimed in, “6 fifty!”

The auctioneer continued, “6 fifty blah blah blah (couldn’t understand a word he said). 7 do I hear 7?”

The first dealer jumped back in, “7!”

I jumped back in just to test the waters, at this point my heart was beating fast and my blood pumped. I held a poker face and calmed myself down. I hate to lose but I couldn’t be stupid here. We had 2 and a half more hours to go in the auction. I wanted to see if these two dealers would out bid me at $750. If so, maybe the perceived value of this old 94 was more than I thought.

“7 fifty!” I yelled out. The second dealer was silent but the first dealer came right back in.

“8 hundred!” He called out. Seems I was right. I was even more surprised when the second dealer came back in with $825.

I called out, “8 fifty.” It was a little higher than I was willing to go but what the hell I thought, if worse came to worse I could easily sell this car for $1,200 to $1,500. Not much profit but I didn’t lose anything and the experience would more than pay for itself.

As a Hustler you never want to pay more for something than you can get back for it. You may not make a profit, but you won’t lose money either – you can break even easily.

The auctioneer ran with my bid, “8 fifty, 8 fifty do I hear 9 hundred? 9 hundred? 9 hundred? 8 fifty do I hear 9 hundred? 9 hundred? 8 fifty, you bought it!” he pointed at me and I went up to the auctioneer booth to fill out some paper work.

For a brief moment I wondered if I had made a mistake. Should I have really bid $850? New York and Low weren’t around to check me on this, I worked off of pure instinct. A couple of days later Low would come through to check out the ride, he did his inspection on it and said I actually came out pretty good.

>>> The Bossman Cometh… Finally

Just as I get through with the paper work inside the auction office, New York and Low come by. I asked Low where do I pick up the car and he pointed me in the right direction. I went to find it and sat inside. I looked at the interior and started the car up.

It was dark by now so I fumbled around to look for the interior light switch and I eventually found it. If I was smarter I would have just left the door open for the lights to come on by themselves LOL. I was excited though, I wasn’t thinking quite straight.

Plus, this was my time to see if I had made a big mistake and if my instincts failed me.

I looked around and finally my eyes rested on the mileage. Over 300,000 miles! Damnit! That’s waaaay too many miles, even for a 94. Shit, I thought, I got a little ahead of myself in the auction.

I drove my way out of the car lot and into the outside parking area. I parked by New York’s truck and made my way back inside to the auction. I had to see the Bossman Low in action. He hadn’t even started bidding yet.

The crowd was thinning out and once again Low was M.I.A. New York was walking around and had finally decided to get him a car to floss in. His budget was bigger than mine so he had more room to work with. He looked seriously at the Cadillac’s and Lexus’.

As the night rolled on Low finally showed back up and finally began bidding. He was smoothly moving from auction booth to auction booth looking at cars. He eventually won an auction for a 97 or 98 Crown Victoria. From what I saw it looked damn good and ran pretty well.

New York began to feel the pressure and began to panic. Time was running out and he refused to be the only one that didn’t buy a car. He made a bid just for the hell of it on the VERY last car. A 98 Ford Taurus. Not in the best condition. Matter of fact, we couldn’t even get the windshield wipers to stop and once he had a chance to get in it and drive it he was pissed!

“I got fucked!” was his choice line for the night. I laughed on the inside but I told him he should’ve followed his instincts; he fucked himself. Once he finally settled down slightly, he agreed. But that didn’t stop him from being 38 hot.

He actually left the car at the auction and said he’d take that loss. He didn’t want it. He has since changed his mind though, so he’s going to go pick it up this week. The car seems to run fine for the most part so it should make the 4 hour trip… hopefully.

Rest of the story short, we stopped and gassed up all the vehicles and stopped to get something to eat. Low left his Crown Vic at the auction and switched to a mini-van that he had purchased a week before. We made our long trip back to the ATL. By the time I made it back it was about 3 AM. Saying I was exhausted was an understatement. I called up Mz Chanel, my current Lady of sorts, to fill her in on what went down and to say goodnight. My Ex, Mz Mental, who I live with, was already sleeping when I got home. I showered, shaved and went to my room to get what little rest I could.

I woke back up around 10am; I had to get the car insured and get ready to hit the block. It was time to put some work in. When I get hold of the car title I can put the car up for sale. In the meantime Low is schooling me on the easiest way to go about getting a car dealers license and how to make the best use of it – I HAVE to get in this Game. The M2 project should be up and moving in about 2 to 3 months. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress as it happens.

Thanks for taking out your time to check out your Hustleman, it’s greatly appreciated.

Peace and blessings Fam! Keep it moving and keep it simple – always.